Internet of Things


Vista Internet of Things services


The Vista IoT practice is a dynamic blend of technologists, strategists, and designers who use technology, data, and science to drive major business innovation. By mixing in creative vision and significant industry expertise, our IoT practice is helping our clients reimagine and rewire business as usual.

Our approach

Think big

Start small

Scale fast

With Vista, it all starts with exploring the art of the possible. Once we have options for ideas, we help clients sort through the noise by starting small with a project that offers demonstrated ROI and tangible benefits. Utilizing engineers, cloud-based platforms, and sensor kits we can quickly create mock-ups and prototypes to show clients what’s possible. If the solution seems like it’s working, we iterate on it, tweak it, enhance it, and work with others to scale the project.

Our objective is to use IoT as a medium for helping clients transform their businesses, realize tangible value, and deliver powerful outcomes. We have a network of IoT consultants all over the country focusing on the organizational implications of IoT in areas like security and health, technology, strategy, transportation, analytics, and implementation.

Some of our IoT solutions and accelerators:

Portable PM 2.5 Detector

A low-cost, low-risk approach to accelerating IoT implementation that combines best-of-breed hardware, software, analytics, security, insights, and implementation strategy services into industry-tailored, pre-configured solutions with a focus on predictive maintenance & asset monitoring, asset performance management, and asset tracking use cases.
Retail 360—Clients can demo a custom solution that provides an omni-channel shopping experience to customers via a mobile app (EngageMe) and in-store inventory management capabilities to retailers via a web app (Store 360°). This helps customers get the experience they desire while retailers meet goals for increased sales and operational efficiency.

Patient 360—This IoT-based, care-coordination platform empowers patients, providers, payers, and the pharmaceutical industry. It can deliver better patient experiences by providing data and analysis to improve patient care as well as productivity in the healthcare marketplace.

Tech Map—To assist clients in evaluating the technology landscape for Smart Cities, we created IoT vendor maps that Deloitte practitioners use as an internal tool to rank vendors within technical categories and highlight the breadth and depth of their capabilities.