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Software Development

Our software development team has several years of experience in the design and implementation of data gathering and management system for national projects. We have developed a variety of tools to aid design, implementation, education, and testing processes.

Data Analytics

Vista provides data analytic services and solutions using the latest industry standard frameworks. Our activities range from data engineering services such as data model design, cleaning, restructuring, ETL, and online/offline analysis pipelines to data insight services based on statistical analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

IT Consultancy

In addition to other services, here at Vista we provide data analytics and research consultancy completely tailored to our client’s requirements. Our multi-disciplinary team has industry expertise in the fields of healthcare systems & services, banking & finance, and energy industries.


Vista Group believes information gathering and knowledge discovery should be accessible. We intend to achieve this by improving the quality of data-driven projects through cost-effective data flow management and analytics.

Deployment & Maintenance

Deployment & Maintenance

After all the errors from coding are removed during the testing stage, the next step is termed as the deployment stage. The finalized code is implemented into the software and then deployed or delivered to the customers to be used.



If you want to know what is software development; you can never skip understanding the testing stage. This particular stage is very crucial for the developers. If anything goes wrong in the testing stage or any error is noted in the codes, it can lead to the repetition of the coding process, and the cycle goes on till the completion of the same. In this stage, all variants of the functional testing such as integration testing, unit testing, system testing, acceptance testing, and non-functional testing are done.




After receiving the design documents for the software to be created, the work following the design stage is divided equally into various units and modules. This is the stage where actual coding begins. The main focus of the phase is the development of perfect codes by the developers. This particular phase is the longest in the entire protocol.




In this stage, the draft design is prepared for the software from the stage-1 requirement specifications. The system designs help in specifying the hardware as well as system requirements. It also helps with the definition of an overall system in software architecture.
The design specifications for the system serve as the input for the following phase of the software development model. In this particular phase, test strategies are developed by the testers by mentioning things to test and the ways to check it.

Analysis of Requirement

Analysis of Requirement

Before the team of software technicians can cough up the general idea for your software, it is essential for the team to gather the business requirements in this very first phase. At this point, the prime focus is to note the exact things needed from any software under consideration. Lastly, a document for requirement specification is prepared which serves as a guideline for the next level of the software development process.

We Provide Your IT Needs

Leveraging more than a decade of IT experience, Vista Group helps clients close the gap between strategy and execution. With a comprehensive array of IT consulting, software development, and data analytics solutions, Vista enables clients to take action and deliver value now, while creating the tools and mindsets that drive organizational agility and transformation momentum.

  • More than 10 years of experience
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  • Over 50 clients
  • Over 4 billion records analyzed
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