Particulate Matter 2.5

Efficacy of individualized alarming particulate matter 2.5 wearable device on exacerbations of COPD patients


  • Particulate matters : the most important component of Air pollution with adverse health effects
  • Predictor of all cause mortality !!!!
  • Affect Cardiovascular system and Respiratory Tract (which leads to COPD) the most

Epidemiology of COPD in Iran

PM 2.5 Smart detector 

  • Portable
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 3 G/ 4 G Sim card for sending data to server
  • Internal memory for saving data in offline mode
  • Alarming system for high pm 2.5 detection
  • GPS module with 10 m Accuracy
  • Upload Data every 10 minutes
  • Set detective Threshold
  • Cross Platform Application


The Device

It measures the PM 2.5 and PM 10 , and the location with precision of 10 meters,
The device has a GPS module and a SIM card,
It will alarm when exceeding the cut point,
It is small in size, which makes it portable and could be attached to cloths,
All data will be sent to a data center,
There will be a web panel for patients to avoid times and locations with
higher PM 2.5 exposure,
It may reduce the exacerbations and mortality,
It indirectly reduces job absence , and improves quality of life

Potentials for collaborations and commercialization

The device is user friendly

The cost of device will be affordable for individuals


If results of the trial shows the device efficacy, the expenses could be covered by insurance


The device is applicable for different climates and temperatures


10,000 deaths and  241,737 Hospitalizations are happening due to COPD every year in Iran


Other countries in the region are suffering from both dust storm and fossil fuel pollutions



500 COPD patients will be recruited in the study,

A device will be given to each participant and training them how to use the device,

Participants will be assigned to either intervention or control groups randomly,

For intervention group, there will be an alarming system using an Android or I OS App, which sends them personalized messages regarding how they can protect themselves,

For control group, we will store the data from the device without alarming or texting,

They will be followed for 12 months,

The measured outcome is the number of admission in hospital during 12 months