Disease Registry

Disease Registry Solution

Disease registries are organized systems for the continuous collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, and dissemination of information on a particular disease or outcome in a specific population and geographical area. Our disease registry solution provides the IT infrastructure for various clinical trials as well as investigating the incidence and prevalence of diseases and other health consequences.
We have built the infrastructure using RABIT frameworks to design a registry system for each disease with minimal time and cost. Given that the structure of different disease registries is different, users will be able to design all the details of their systems as needed. Obviously, classification is a key issue in the quantitative studies of any phenomenon and has been cited as a necessity in all scientific conclusions and as a prerequisite for the advancement of science, thus the use of a standardized disease registration system for research purposes. It is critical and can also improve the quality of healthcare.

Some Benefits of a Digital Disease Registry:

  • You are your own developer so you can change the system without the need for a programming team until the forms and processes of your disease registration system are finalized.
  • Define the access level at the form and operations level (register, edit and delete) in the different user groups layer
  • You can define different dictionaries for a list of medicines, symptoms, illnesses, etc. to set up your disease registration system. Once you have defined these dictionaries, you can use them in all your queries.
  • Ability to provide on-line and dynamic reports of all questions in the questionnaires
  • Ability to localize the system according to the needs of the user registration system.